How to wholesale fashion jewelry online for your store

As we have talked before, wholesale fashion jewelry from local fashion jewelry wholesalers has many disadvantages. Like the fashion jewelry designs are limited and out of date, and the prices is relative high. What’s worse is the your competed stores may also selling the same fashion jewelry. In fashion jewelry industry, customers like their fashion jewelry production are unique. Wholesale fashion jewelry from local jewelry wholesalers is traditional business mode, but the way of doing fashion jewelry business is changing. Many smart fashion jewelry shop owners have turned their wholesale direction to online fashion jewelry wholesalers. There are huge number of fashion jewelry wholesalers online, and how to find out the good fashion jewelry wholesale resources for your store is a quite important issue.

Wholesale fashion jewelry tips

You can start with searches. The main two way to search online fashion jewelry wholesalers are search on B2B platforms like Alibaba and search on Google. Generally, the jewelry wholesalers on B2B platforms are smaller than the wholesalers which has their own fashion jewelry wholesale websites. Open a store on B2B platforms don’t require much technical skills, small jewelry wholesalers can set up a store on them quickly. And these small fashion jewelry wholesalers don’t sell many designs, they usually specialize on a small part of fashion jewelry. In the other hand, the fashion jewelry wholesalers you find from Google search results have their own website usually keep more designs of fashion jewelry.

How to wholesale fashion jewelry online for your store

A annoying problem is you don’t know the quality and stability when you wholesale fashion jewelry online, especially when you wholesale fashion jewelry products from abroad. It’s like traditional international trade, trading companies don’t know the quality of products from foreign manufacturers either, but they use samples to pass quality information. You can ask the online jewelry wholesalers to send you some samples, too! Or you can order small quantity of their fashion jewelry products first, after checking the quality of these products are qualified, you can wholesale more fashion jewelry from them. DMOZ shopping directory and DMOZ wholesale trade directory list many jewelry wholesalers. You can choose some jewelry wholesale sources from them.

Wholesale fashion jewelry online can be convenient if you check carefully before place order. And the lower online wholesale prices is one of the most effective way to raise you fashion jewelry shop’s profits.

How to run a online fashion jewelry shop

Peoples love fashion jewelry, have you ever think of running a online fashion jewelry shop? Of course, running a online fashion jewelry business has challenges, but if you can handle several things, you may become a successful fashion jewelry shop owner. These things are basic Internet technique, reliable fashion jewelry resources and online marketing.

Guides for running fashion jewelry shop

First we need to find out where to open your online fashion jewelry shop? Most people would like to choose eBay. EBay is a good place to open a fashion jewelry shop, there are huge number buyers on eBay every day. EBay charge feeds when you upload your fashion jewelry products as the same as other products. So before you open a shop on it, do a investigation about the fashion jewelry products which are already sell on the platform by other fashion jewelry sellers. And don’t forget to check sales records, sales records give you a general impression on what fashion jewelry products are popular. Knowing what customers like is the key of your online fashion jewelry business, even the key for most business. Because doing business is about covering customers’ needs.

Once you have made your products line direction, the following step is finding reliable fashion jewelry products resources for your online fashion jewelry shop. You can take some time to visit the nearby fashion jewelry wholesalers, it would be best that you can find the jewelry products you are looking for from them. Wholesale fashion jewelry from local fashion jewelry wholesalers has many advantages. But if you are looking for some unique designs, you are probably unable to find them from several local fashion jewelry wholesalers. So turn online, there are much more fashion jewelry wholesalers online. You can search on Google or Alibaba to find the fashion jewelry products you want.

After you get the fashion jewelry products from jewelry wholesalers, now you can sell them on your online fashion jewelry shop. The next thing you need to do is letting customers know your shop and your fashion jewelry products. That’s marketing. You can set up some promotions and auctions, customers are always interested on promotions. And run some advertisement can also let the customers have chance to know your fashion jewelry products.

5 Ways to Find the Right Designs for your Online Jewelry Store

The key to a successful fashion jewelry online retail business is selling the right designs. What are the right designs? The designs your customers will like to pay for it. Of course, many other details matters in a successful business, but in fashion world the importance of selling right designs is sure to above all the others. Let’s say your online store decoration is delicate, your customers service is excellent, your shipping is fast, your stock is sufficient, well , your jewelry designs are ugly and out of the date. Women buy fashion jewelry is to keep in tune with the fashion world, to stay chic not to stay old. Thus, a successful fashion jewelry business begins from the right jewelry designs you pick for your store/shop.

You may ask, then how to pick the right designs? In this post, we are going to tell you five ways you can dig from.

5 Ways to Find the Right Designs for your Online Jewelry Store

Right jewelry design for jewelry store

# Check what your competitors are selling. It’s important to know what others in the fashion jewelry retail business are selling. Check the top stores on Ebay, amazon or other stores that are interested to you. Get to know their best-selling designs. Check their new arrivals as well. As you check more stores, you will have a better idea what designs are welcomed.

# Check fashion magazines for fashion jewelry trends in next season or year. There are plenty of authoritative fashion magazines online like ELLE, Vogue, and more. You can check their “trends” collection for posts about accessory trends. You can also just search terms like “2016 jewelry trends” “2016 fashion jewelry trends” on google, there are a lot of post talking about the new jewelry trends in next year. Read them and get familiar with these designs.

# Ask your supplier for their best-selling designs. If your supplier has their own websites or stores on Alibaba, aliexpress, they probably have a “best sellers” “hot selling” category, check this category out. These designs are normally hot selling designs in your suppliers’ store but also can be big stock designs which are designs that your supplier has a large quantity stock. So you need to distinguish the real hot designs from these fake ones picked by your suppliers.

# The above three tips are for beginners in the fashion jewelry business, after running your shop for a while, you’ll have your own sense of designs that will get hot among your customers. Trust your own instinct, you are the one who talk with your customers all the time, you know them well. You know what will catch their eyes.

# Sell the already hot designs are low risky as the designs are proved to be acceptable. However, things have two sides. Advantages are always companied with disadvantages. Sometimes you need to be aggressive for your shop. Try some new designs that nobody has sold before. But the premise is that you like the designs yourself. Because if you don’t like it yourself, how can you persuade your customers to like it?

If you have your own ways to find the right jewelry designs for your shop, just try out it. Experience is the most valuable thing. You can’t be wrong all the time.

Tips to Make Successful Jewelry Sell Online

Tips to Make Successful Jewelry Sell Online
Selling jewelry online is a good way to make profit for a woman as women are born to love jewelry and know about jewelry. If you have just started your online jewellery business, this article maybe helpful to you. We are going to talk about five most useful selling tips during online jewelry sell that will help you to get your first pot of gold.

Things you need to know about jewelry sell online

1# Take clear, high resolution photos of your jewellery.
Online sell is unlike offline sell that people can directly see the jewelry themselves and touch the jewelry to feel about their quality. People buy things from online is mainly from the photos. The photos are the first impression people feel about a product. Better quality photos are more likely to attract people and make them finally pay for it.

2# Mark the jewelry size on the photo if possible.
Measure the chain length, gem size, bracelet inside diameter, ring diameter and any other sizes that may concern to the people who wear it. Mark the size directly on the photo so that your customers can have a better idea about the size. People hate chaos, they prefer clear demonstration. You should do whatever you can to make the fashion jewelry as visible as an item in person.

3# Know about your jewellery.
Fashion jewellery are made from non-precious jewelry, thus some of them are allergic to people who are allergic to metal. You need to know well about your jewelry before selling to people to avoid future customer service.

4# Combine sell to boost sales.
In order to boost sells, you can combine your jewelry together. For example, sell similar necklace and earrings, or necklace bracelet as a set. Match them together. Women love to match jewelry while wearing it. So, why not do this job for them and make a better profit from it. You can offer some discount for the jewelry set.

5# Encourage your customer to give you good feedback.
If you are selling on Ebay, Esty, Amazon or other platform, good feedback is sure to be very important to your future business. Encourage your customers to give your good feedfack when a sale is done. You can give your customer good feedback first to remind them to give back.

There are more than the above five tips for a successful online jewelry sell business. Try to find the one that works best for you. Work hard with your heart, pay attention to your customers’ needs. Respect and care for your customers. Your online jewelry retail business will get better and better.

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Buy Wholesale Jewelry as Christmas Gift with Limit Budget

Christmas is around the way, have you started to prepare Christmas gift for your family and friends? If you are not, then buying jewelry for your women family and friends maybe a good choice especially if you are lacking of budget.

Buy wholesale jewelry as Christmas gift

Buy wholesale jewelry as Christmas gift is a wise choice. Normally, we’ll have to send more than one women family or friends Christmas gift. If you looked the “sending gift thing” in the whole picture and put these people in together, you can see that you can purchase the best gift for them with limit budget. However, while buying jewelry as gift, you won’t want to give all of them the same jewelry and end up with the embarrassment that everybody knows that piece of jewelry is from you. Following are a few tips to let you make the best use of buying wholesale jewelry.

First, count how many women relatives, friends you need to send gift and group them into aged and young group. Second, write down as many people’s favors in clothing or jewelry you know, as detailed as you can remember. Third, estimate your budget.

Now, you know how much money you can spend and how many gift you need to buy. To avoid the awkward of sending two people the same gift, we’ve cataloged them into two groups. For the two groups, you can buy the aged ones classic pearl jewelry, higher quality dainty gold plated or silver plated jewelry (or real god jewelry if your budget allows). For the young group, you can buy them cheaper fashion costume jewelry. Pick the right jewelry according to their personal styles. For example, if your aunt likes to wear elegant fitted dress, she may need a strand of pearl choker necklace. If your young cousin likes bright color clothing she will probably like a statement earrings or necklace to match.

After you done all these prepare work now come to the important step, find a right jewelry wholesale supplier. There are a lot of fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers now offer small quantity wholesale which means you can buy from 1 piece per design as long as the subtotal of your order reach their requirement. Dig on the internet to find the best supplier. It should have a lot of different designs so that you can buy all the different styles of jewelry you need.


Buy Wholesale Jewelry as Christmas Gift

Now you know what you need to buy, where you can buy, the next you need to do is picking picking and picking. Don’t get afraid or annoyed, just do it with your heart. A gift with love is the best gift. Your family and friends will feel your love no matter what you give them.

Last, Merry Christmas! Wish you have a wonderful and loving Christmas!<!–more–>